In the past, performance management was the individual responsibility of the company and its employees. Nowadays, official independent certification gives the company and its customers the assurance of fulfilling market conformant standards.

For a long time, Wolf has worked to quality management standard DIN ISO 9001. On the customer side, acceptance of goods can be automated by using coding systems in conjunction with our ERP solutions. In addition, production data of relevance to quality management is available for goods traceability.

The foundation of perfect Wolf production is also print colour management according to ISO 12647-2. This norm defines how the customer, pre-press service provider and printing works cooperate. Data and colour formats, printing conditions, work flows and many other standards are arranged in accordance with this norm.

Not the norm, but accolades from internationally active, highly renowned customers are evidence of validation in practice. As “Bacardi supplier of the year” and regular top-class audits by other customers, Wolf affirms its claim of highest quality.